sXe WallHack 11.7 without error in D3D Mode

 Run With Only Patch 23x
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Let it then.
Let it then.

1. Grab the files found inside the folder (File xiter) "
and play in the folder of cs.
"c: / Program Files / Valve" and yes to all.

2. Enters cs normally change the video mode to D3D
Note: in open gl will not start - click on video option in the option
Video goes to the switch to D3D, APPLY AFTER THE OK.

3. Open sXe run the 11.7 (carregar.exe) clicks (cargar cheat)
enters cs 1.6 nosteam will ask to click cargar cheat again
then click it will open a window for you to go look for xiter

location where you saved xiter enter the folder (Wall Hack sXe 11.7)
then enter the folder (Cheats think) runs the dll (wallhacksxe11.7.dll)

4. If you then try to activate xiter again and go up to error folder
(File xiter) which is inside the folder and copy the file xiter
(hl.exe) and glue in the valve and yes to all.
c: / program files / valve

Ready now to be happy


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